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cheapoair Complaint - CheapOair customer service - CheapOair customer service, booking, & pricing
cheapoair Complaint

cheapoair Complaint


CheapOair customer service - CheapOair customer service, booking, & pricing

I am writing concerning customer service for cheapOair by telephone. The first time I called customer service to help me with changing one of my departure flights from LAX to Cancu that I booked earlier today, the representative said that there was no problem in changing the flight and there would be no cost to change the flight time because I booked my flight earlier today. All I would have to pay was the different. So I told the representative that I would have to confirm with my significant other on the new times I wanted and that I would call back.

After I confirmed, I called back and a different representative picked up. I told her that I wanted to change my flight departure and she said she was unable to change it. She informed me that I would have to first cancel the flight that I already booked and rebook a new flight. She kept telling me that this was the only way. I told her what the representative told me earlier and she kept saying that this was the only option. She was very pushy and upset me very much. She said that I would be refunded immediately, however, I would not be refunded the full price- which lost me about 50 dollars. However, due to the fact that I did not want to lose my new flight, I agreed and allowed her to cancel the flight for me. After this, I asked her if I could rebook the new flight online and she again was very pushy and told me that by the time I booked on my own, that the flights would have fluctuated and I may lose the flight that I wanted. I understood this, however, her tone of voice with me was unacceptable and the way she spoke to me was very rude. During this time, her demeanor towards me was upsetting me very much, but again, I did not want to lose my flight so I told her to just rebook the new flight for me.

During this time, I told her the flight that I wanted because I was looking right at it on my computer screen. She told me that it was not available and that something else was coming up on her computer screen. I insisted that the flight that I had was available for the times that I said. I understand that the flights change all the time online, so I refreshed my search several times to find the updated flights and pricing. I kept telling her that this flight and price was available, but she kept insisting that it did not exist. I was very upset, but proceeded to work with her because I did not want to lose the flight. I was on the phone with her for about an hour and during this time, I could have rebooked on my own. She told me the price would be $1099.74 (booking #8098493) and I told her that the price showed online was $1044 and some cents with the $34 dollar discount with the promo code AF50. She kept telling me that she already put the discount in and that the price is the same. I was frustrated at this time and just asked her to book the flight. She was extremely pushy and did not listen to what I had to say. After she booked everything, I get an e-mail saying that my credit card was declined. I did not receive the refund immediately and I was unable to book my flight. In addition to this, I noticed that she did not apply the 20 dollar discount like she said she would and charged me the full amount. I had to deal with this for another hour with another representative both online and through the phone to proceed booking with my flight with the 20 discount.

However, it is 3 hours later and I have refreshed the site and the flights and prices that I saw and wanted when I first called the first representative is still on the website for the price of $1044. When I compared what the woman representative booked for me and the flights and prices that I wanted online, I realized they were the same exact flights (same airline numbers & airline). However, the representative input a higher price of $442 dollars per person compared to the $422 dollars that I was going to get online. I don’t understand why she charged me the higher price even though I specifically asked her for the flight that I saw online.

So through booking on the phone with the woman representative, I lost another $35 dollars and three hours of my time. I am very unhappy with the customer service I received from the woman representative earlier today. She was very rude, insistent and pushy, unwilling to listen, and caused me a great deal of time and money wasted. I lost about $85 dollars and three hours of my time due to the fact that she did not do what she said she would do for me.

1. She chose to charge me for a more expensive flight, even though clearly, the flight was cheaper (to misinform me about pricing is unacceptable)

2. She did not apply the coupon code for me even though I specifically asked her to

3. She was very pushy and rude and was unwilling to listen

4. The first two representatives were not knowledgeable about the process of changing a flight which cost me time and money. In addition to this, what they said did not match up (one representative said I could change the flight with no penalties and the second one said

5. I had to cancel my first flight and rebook-only getting a partial refund, which cost me about $50)

I am extremely upset that I have lost time and money throughout this process. I would not have minded if the representative was more courteous to me, but she wasn’t. I hope that she is not like this to other customers because it really changes whether people would like to use cheapOair again. I was planning to use cheapOair.com again with my sister for another flight for the end of this month, but I may not use it again.. I do hope that I never have to experience this again.

I sent an e-mail to feedback@cheapoair.com, but only an automated reply was sent back. I hope someone contacts me regarding this matter.

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